The Wrieth’s are a group of nobles the run and reside I the aply named town of Wrieth. While their citizens view Lord Wrieth and family in a generally positive light many of the other noble families do not share the same thoughts. It because of this tension that there have already been 4 seperate assassination attempts on Lord Wrieth!’s life.

Gaining of a title

While Dean had always been in very high military standing in the world of yesterday it was not until after the events of the extinct that He and his blood line were granted title. Like all the witnesses to that day Dean was granted nobility and a settlement as part of King Lavion’s reconstruction plan

Fame, Fortune, and econamics

Unlike many of the other noble families of the land Lord wrieth has no trade skill aside from soldier. It was because of this raw talent for military disiple and blade work that he opened the swordmaster school in Wireth.



Mino-Cross Conith