The First

Little is known about the First as for most of recorded history it has been in a state of deep sleep. What does survive is that the First is a very calm and calculating creature. Unlike most The Undieing, the First has an ophinity for morals treating them as toys. Some are granted immortality in the form of Vampires while others are nothing more then meals.

Defeating the First

Unlike the other undieing is truly immortal not only being unkillable but also untrappable. The first does not have special conditions to his defeat/banishment making him almost more of an Immortal than an undieing.

The only solution to that seems to have worked is to drain it of all blood, then bind it to adamantine with silver changes, and attempt to keep it in a state of torpor by continuously injecting him with an alchemical substance of silver and deadman’s blood. While this method has been known to cut off The First’s access to it’s physical abilities, it does little to stop his overwhelming pressence. This leading many other powerful creatures of the night to seek out the First, whom they worship as a god. So assuming that the caretakers are abke to somehow prevent their own minds from being taken over and freeing it, they have to deal with zealots constantly trying to save thier diety figure.

Random Facts

  • The First is among the most well-known of the The Undieing. Despite this, he is rarely if ever associated with the others.
  • Often seen as tall, androgynous, blonde figure the First is uncommonly beautiful to both sexes. This appearance often changes based on the First’s will however
  • Despite having a strong sexuality to it, the First is unable to participate in any traditional sex due to lack of genitals. This does not, however, spot the First from acting upon others.

Tomb of the First

The First

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