Parties NPCs

This is a list of NPCs that the party is allow to bring with them when out questing around the Mainland. While the NPC is free to act on their own outside of combat, the party may choose to control them while in combat. The party may only bring 1 NPC with them at a time. If the NPC is control in a way that breaks their personality or personal code, they will refuse the action.

Loyalty ratings

Loyalty ranking indicate what a particular NPC companion is willing to do for the party. The leading titles are simply common examples of how the NPC feels toward the party. Likewise while these give some sense of what an NPC will or won’t do, these number are not concrete.

0-4: Will travel with party if they need to but can not be controlled
5: Traveling companion: Party can control them in combat
6: Acquaintance: They like the party and will stick around if asked.
7: Friend: The will go on away mission at the party’s request.
8: Close Friend: They are willing to inconvenience themselves to assist the party.
9: Best Friend: They will follow the Party’s orders even if it’s against their better judgement.
10: Loved one: They are willing to sacrifice themselves for the party.

Current Available NPCS

Sir Phineas – Gnomish Cavalier 7
Leo – Inquisitor 9
Gronn – Paladin 8
Icette – Oracle 9
Menith – Wizard 6
Golem 66 – Stone Golem 6
Ishka – Mind Flayer 5
Drew – gnome rougue 3

Parties NPCs

Mino-Cross Conith