Missing Cows!

This adventure begins with an angry farmer who was robbed by Kobold. They snuck onto his ranch and from there they stole his cattles. On the farm next to his, the same pack of Kobold stole several tool sets and a some of his savings.

The two farmers have decided that the Kobold have gone to far and it’s time to exterminate them. Knowing the land and by following the rubbage from the kobold raiding party.

(Commoner) 1 Farmer:
(Commoner) 2 Farmer:
(Commoner) Townfolk:
(Warrior) Mercenary:
(LandLord) Aristocat:
(Adept) Local Wiseman:


This Adventure takes place just north of Firewell and as such may take the adventures to the town and invole people from the town.

Kobold Hide-away

Missing Cows!

Mino-Cross Conith