Faith of the Blue

The Faith of the Blue is less a religion and more a loosey tied grouping of superstisions under the guidance of a lucky gambler. To understand the faith one must first unstand a follower of the blue does not worship Maelriel. Followers of the Blue instead admire the Angel and are thankful of his gift of Luck. As such, the closest to a priest is a dealer, and the closest thing to a church is a casino.


Many Followers of the Blue would not describe themselves as followers of the blue and even those who would, would never say they were religous. Despite this some followers of the Blue do consider themselves deeply philosphical and live thier life entirely based off the principals of luck such as the Oniglio. They accept all forms of luck, even view death as just bad luck on that Oniglio’s part.


Kissing Coral – There is a smooth Blue Coral that is a rarity but is often the cause of many shipwrecks and lost souls. It is considered good luck to kiss this coral before setting sail in a display of respect to his deadly history.
Mirrors – A follow of the Blue avoids mirrors for fear of shattering them.
Black Cats – Followers of the Blue see Black cats as omens of bad weather and will not sail after witnessing a black cat for atleast a day
Umbellas – An umbella opened in the house is a sigh of a disaster in the home and the follower will often refuse to Sleep in the location
Horse Shoes – Horse shoes taken from injured horse, particualarly with broke legs are lucky.
Rabbit’s feet – Rabbit’s feet are lucky and said to bring the pocesser good luck in the hunt.

These are but a few examples of the plethera of superstisions followers of the blue believe in.

Faith of the Blue

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