Residential City: 700
Visitors to City: 200
Rural Population: 10-20
Total Population: 900-1000
Country: Free Cities
Holidays: Goblin Slayer day!

Beals is one of many “Free cities” that began to form on the Mainland in response to the rules of King Stills. Despite being far from any established countries, Beals receives large amounts of trade from adventurers, treasure hunters, and those on religious pilgrimages.

Beals is also known for being a particularly pious town. While officially the town publicizes that they are followers of the entire Celestial Panthean, there is only one church in the town dedicated to Faith of the Red.

In recent days there have been a large number of Fartun followers near Beals. The town is very welcoming of these djinn worshpers as their principals are similar enough to those of Anachiel that there is little conflict, especially since they rarely come into the town itself. in addition to this, the followers of Fartun keep the roads near Beals safe by patrolling and building guard stations.

It’s worth noting that after the events of the goblin attacks a large number of Azel worshipers came to the town in the form of the Leaf Guard. While most if not all of these guards have converted to worship Anachiel, there are still cultural traces to the Dragon goddess within the town.


Effigies of the Red

Notable Locations
Guild Hall of the Goblin Slayers
Statue of the Goblin Slayers – Danica, Seron, Leo, Icette
Wall of Beals

Law Enforcement

Beals has a small militia that is led by Sheriff Fenerin. As Beals officially belongs to no country, trials and sentences are handed down by the Sheriff and Village elder.

Goblin attack

The town of Beals suffered major casualties after being attacked by a large, well-equipped goblin army. While the true motives of the goblins were unknown, their leader was captured by a band of adventurers that got the goblins to speak of a weapon. The Everblade.


Goblin Slayer day!
This is a holiday dedicated to the heroes Danica and Seron for their accomplishments and dedication to the town of Beals. On the first day of Spring each year, the town gathers for a celebration in which children smash small ScareCrows painted green that are hidden around the town. The celebration lasts until the evening in which the town builds a large BonFire at which time a priest of the Red Recalls the tale of Seron, Danica, and their companions.


Mino-Cross Conith