Armol Liviwhich

Armol is a powerful Liche that is obsessed with gathering the Bones of the Undieing as way of empowering himself. Despite this being his true goal, Armol has managed to convince a large number of common folk to abandon their ways of life and join his cult though his goal by nature goes against the cult’s very founding.

The Guild of Lavion
Armol Liviwhich was once a young aspiring member of the Mage’s guild. Gifted in the arts of evocation, Armol was on a fast track to Inquisitor status when a faithful encounter with Morgan Willows turned hostile. The two had been long term colleagues and worked together on several “sensitive” projects around Lavion including the binding of one of the King’s Artifacts, The Skull of Ferromosis. This was Armol’s first introduction to the Undieing.

During the Binding Process, Morgan expressed to Armol a great deal of distaste for magic, sighting the Skull as a classic example of the world being better without such a disgusting art form. Defending his craft, Armol began questioning his co-workers motives for joining the Guild and becoming a wizard to begin with. After a few heated words, Morgan replied You might want to consider investing in rubber boots. Before launching an all out assault on Armol. The two battled back and forth with Morgan counterspelling each of Armols attacks, and Armol redirecting most if not all of Morgan’s. The fight went on for a good half hour until finally Morgan had enough and was able to paralyze Armol. This was the end of Armol’s career as a Guild Mage.

Taking advantage of Armol’s in ability to react and counter, Morgan began a ritual that ended with all of Armol’s magical essence being permanently sealed. To make maters worse, an offical investigation by the Inquisitors of the guild found Armol’s actions to be rash as the potential for collateral damage was overwhelming. The final blow to Armol came after Morgan’s trial however when he was stripped of all rank and banned for from the guild. A mage that can not cast is of no use to us they explained.

Becoming a Liche

After accepting the fact that he would never cast another spell again, Armol decided to he would live for one reason only, Revenge. After researching the bound skull of Ferrumosis, Armol devised a plan to gain a lifetime of combat experience in a rather short period of time. It was only then that Armol campaigned in secret across Oas, recruit others like him. Others who has been wronged and were seeking vengeance. It was at this point that Armol was made aware of Morgans rapid rise through the Mage’s guild, you don’t gain that much power without ruffling a few feather after all. Taking advantage of those member’s hate, Armol was able to convince them to join his cause and transform him into a Liche.

The Order of the Dawn

The Order of the Dawn was first tied into the Cult when rumors of missing people began springing up around the Order. Sir Stills sent Lucky and Stewart out to investigate. The two returned mentioning strange undead and little more was discussed.

After having a Vision of Lord O’neal imprisoned by the same cult, the order rushed to assist him and while cutting through the legion of cut members encountered Armol. At that point, they meerly hacked him down thinking nothing of him, not knowing he’d become a Liche.

After a few other encounters with the cult’s members, the Order of the Dawn discovered that Armol was reforming and rushed to engage him. The members were to late however and Armol had formed already formed his indestructible Phalactry. This did not deter Sir Still however from smiting Liche in an awesome desply of divine power and crushing his physical form leaving behind the liche’s phalactry.


In life Armol was a pale freckle man with dark hair and a elongated nose that got him many blackeye’s as a child. In his current form Armol look much like Ferromosis, only smaller. He is a green skeletal figure with multiple arms and generally is wielding unholy obsidian scimitars. Unlike Ferrumosis, Armol also generally is stocked in several magical items to increase his killing power.

Armol Liviwhich

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