Wormholes and Squires!

Session 10

Days past – 5

The session began with the order preparing to head out of town toward the kobold threat.

While the Rest of the party geared up. While the other party member’s got ready, the Order’s Guild mage,Alandra, Read the minds of those close to Dean and Lady Natalia scouted Fort Wrieth. While scouting, she found a hidden drawer that had been sealed, located Lord Wrieth‘s Bedroom. The room he was assisinated in. Prying the drawer open, A dimesion door was found leading to a wine casket in the Wirey Mast. After investigation by Tabit it was determined that the O’neal’s house Mage had cast on of the Dimesional Doors. It was also uncovered that both the drawer and barrel were make and had the spell cast with perminacy before leaving O’neal.

With the knew found knowledge the party headed back to Bend Point to s check on thier guild house and rest for the night. On arrival they found the guild house was full of unruley folks and there was no organization to the chaos. Eventually Dogface and Sir Lane set the lot straight with Trog Coming up with a Solution for thier Multiple personality Magic recruit. Finally Lane Squired 3 of the recruits, Making the rest that stayed initiates.

Afterwards the order continued north. After making camp the party was assualted with fireballs, finding themselves face to face with the vampire they had missed killing at Mt Daye. After Almost getting wiped out the vampire vanished and dawn broke.



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