Murder at the Mansion #23

The party found themselves invited to a celebration by Callum O’neal . After arriving near [[ O’neal the party made their way through the small town of EagleRock. After staying the night there, they agreed to deliver a package for the barkeep and quickly arrived in O’neal.

Once there the party explored the city a bit before delivering their package. From here they sought at Callum’s home where they stayed for the few days before the party started. The group encountered a number of different nobles from Oas, most of whom came off quite rude. Ultimately, however, the party turned out to be just Auction for an item that belonged to the Order of The Dawn. The trinket was purchased, however, as luck would have it it was cursed. This caused the woman who bought it to instantly die, prompting Callum to send a party member to retrieve a member of the McTires. After the mess was calmed, Callum revealed that he had taken the item from a treasure horde the order of the Dawn had hidden in the mountains near there. He explained that if this was cursed… It likely all was and he had already begun to sell the items.



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