A new goddess

Session 53

Days past – 2

The party headed south to help in Lavion. Once there, they were informed of the Mage’s councils troubles and sprung into action. After a bit of discussion, they decided the best option was to have Azel use her druidic magic get the the near by farms going in good shape and send the Ram, MacArnold, and Madison to Lavion to help with the policing of the citizens and restore order.

At the celebration/ send off for the three however, an unexspected guest came to be. An Angel stepped through the front gates unlike any they’d seen before who looked unaware of the people and was quite startled. The party tracked her while douglass went to Mt Daye to look for divine assistance. There he was given a vision of the angel strike down Suriel in a fit of confusion. After a minor confontation with the new goddess, the Members of the Dawn returned home and prepared.



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