Residential City: 3000
Vistors to City: 1000-2000
Urban Population: 1000-2000
Total Population: 5000 – 7000


Wrieth is a large town set off the White river. It’s host to many cultures and races like most Prime Cities in Mino-Cross. The town is lead by Lord Dean Wrieth, Former 1st circle guard of Old Mino. Wrieth is a beautiful town covered in flora and vines that climb most of the cottage style homes and fortress walls. While there is little violence within the city, the noble houses of Mino-Cross are constantly scheming to dethrone Lord Wrieth, in favor of a more strong spoken ruler. Despite political squalling, Wrieth is a town with peaceful town. Wrieth is also host to several orders of knights and is known for having a largest swordmaster school in the whole country. In addition to the large number of Warriors constantly inhabiting the town, Sir Rivers,the sheriff of Wrieth, and his men work very hard to uphold the law acting as one of the top police forces in the country.


Wrieth’s economy is primarily based around the large amounts of trade that come down the White River. As a large port, the river brings in a constant flux of people making their way south to sell goods in Lavion. Wrieth also attracts visitor’s seeking the Swordmaster’s school or an evening at the Smith and Harp which brings in more trade, keeping the town rather well off.

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