Warok is a brutal Ogre warlord who rose to power through somewhat mysterious means. Not initially an Ogre of the Rift tribes Warok, Warok approached the small band and immediately slayed their former leader. Warok soon put the tribe to work, hunting down the other giant tribes of the Serpent’s Tongue mountain and killing those who refused to join him.

Warok Keep

Warok is said to reside in a fortress near the ruins of Gubilisk Manor. It is from here that Warok leads his tribe through intimidation and brutish tactics. Warok’s castle is fortress is said to be the largest concentration of ogre’s in all of Old Mino and is estimated to hold between 500-1000 humanoids, though a majority of these are slaves.

Appearance and Power

Warok is a large Ogre Warlord clad in black winged platemail. He wields a massive crystal great sword that stands almost as tall as him. This blade, Unity, is wrapped with several chains around it’s hilt that attach to Warok’s armor. It is not uncommon of Warok to engage in combat by throwing Unity and then spinning the blade around himself with incredible precision.

While only rumor, it is said that Warok was once part of a small tribe that was all but destroyed. With his dying breath Warok called out to any god who would hear him for vengeance. It was than that Unity appear and revived the fallen ogre granting him unnatural strength and demonic powers in return for his soul.

Warok’s face is grotesque by even Ogre standards, causing those around him to tremble with horror. Despite this, Warok wears no mask. Instead he chooses to show his boils and warped face to world, killing those bold enough to stare.


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