The King of the Fey Dragon

The King of the Fey Dragon is a Devious and wicked Linnorm of immense power. During the great war for Oas, the Linnorm was a key player and favored to win the war. However his power was deemed unlawfully gained and by a vote of 2 to 1, Fartune was forced to seal his champion within the volcanoe of Ferrin .

The King of the Fey Dragons, Vhalnirr, is an incredibly cruel beast that is known for his love of feasting, and obsession with gold. Vhalnirr has a golden sheen to him with flakes of gold fuzzed to his body from molten baths the liquid metal. At his death it was rumored that Vhalnirr possessed 2/3rds of the world’s discovered gold within his horde. despite this obsession with wealth, Vhalnirr had no interest in magical gear, or valuable gemstones and choose to keep those separate. He was even know to give them out to appease other dragons on his way to the top.

Amoung Vhalnirr’s favored processions were his Blood coins. Gold pieces infused with the blood of his enemies, friends, and lovers. Due to the sever among of raw magic that coursed through the blood of those killed by Valnirr, these coins are imbued with powerful magics and are a kept at the heart of Vhalnirr’s Horde.

Known Coins:

Neimifaf – +1 AC
Kevies – +1 AC
Toric – +5 HP
Leifbin – +1 Att
Shlifaa – +1 All Saves
Tenewin – +1 AC
Reih – +1 DC of enchantment
Quinter – +1 DC of necromancy
Gerngard – +1 damage of spell
Iccembe – +1 AC
Benderbah – +1 All Saves
Slinderfimin – +5 HP
Grogber – +2 Reflex
Alial – +2 Will
Rotgart- +1 DC of all alternation
Flambitter – +1 AC
Namiol – +1 Att
Eber – +2 Fortitude
Ventok – +10 verus fear


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