Sir Wrieth

Bryan Wrieth is Dean Wrieth only son and heir to the town of Wrieth. As Nephew to Lord Firewell and Son to Lord Wrieth, great things are exspected of the young noble boy. At only 18, Bryan is considered by many to one of the greatest swordsman in Oas and is one of two remaining knights of the Bluecoats. The other Bluecoat being his father, Dean.

Aside from his noble duties, Bryan is also one of the four swordmasters of Wrieth. Since Bryan is generally free more often then the others, most lessons and training courses at the salon are given by him. When not at Fort Wrieth, Bryan is almost always in the salon, training.


Bryan looks remarkably like his father. Like all bluecoats before him, Bryan is extremely well groomed with an amazing amount of detailing put into maintains his fingernails, boots, cloak, and boots. Bryan is the spitting image of tidy. Despite this seemingly zealous need for a perfect uniform, Bryan is far from uptight. Like his father, Bryan has short hair that he wears combered forward. He stands around 5’11 and wieghs about 170 lb.

Ivory Hand

Unknown to all of those closest to Bryan Wrieth, he is a devote follower of Sabriel and a member of the Ivory Hand. Bryan feels that without faith in a greater good that the nation is doomed to extinction and that a countries faith should not be placed in an unpredictable force such as magic. unlike most other members of the Ivory Hand, Bryan sought them out after a sparring session with a “farmer” in his salon. Bryan concluded that there was no way a commoner could have gained the skills the farmer displayed without proper training and after following the man discovered a Ivory Hand safehouse.

Currently, Sir Wrieth is a contact to several high profile members of the organization including Lane Stills.

Sir Wrieth

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