Sir MacArnold

Sir Christopher MacArnold is a rough highhiller who spends most days riding the country side, killing anything that appears threatening. To many he appears to be brutish, arrogant and even a bully. To MacArnold that just means he’s a good Highhiller. Ultimately however, MacArnold is a man driven by honor. He hates that his position keeps him so busy and is so needed as well. During the Kobold Conflict it was he that discovered the Kobold’s plans, but the Order of The Dawn was sent in place of the Harvest guard as the harvest guard still had a duty to do.

MacArnold is also one of the four swordmasters of Wrieth though he is the least active of the lot due to his work. Despite this, when in town he makes it a habbit to spar with Sir Rivercrest as the two are a bit of rivals.


MacArnold is stands 6’5 and is all muscle. He has long dark hair that is a bit bistley and his eyes are deep green like most highhillers. Macarnold porudly displays his Clans colors and can be pointed out as a highhiller immediately just by one glance.

Random Facts

-MacArnold Hates Sir Lane because he feels power was just given to him and he did not work for it.
-MacArnold is a follower of Bahamut.
-Macarnold was almost executed in old Mino but the town was sacked by daemons.

Sir MacArnold

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