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Safry is a Noble Marid Genie and diety over the water plane. Like the other Djinn dieties, Safry is the most powerful of all of his kind, The Marid. Occuring to legend, this was a ranking given to him after having painted the night stars in the sky. The Other Djinn were said to have been so envious of his creation they cursed the sky itself making them only visable every at night.

Safry is commonly worshiped by painters, bards, and other followers of the arts. Safry rarely chooses champions as he sees them as more competition to his glory, but does accept loyal followers into his court. Safry commonly disguises himself in a number of forms and takes great delight in walking amoung morals. This sometimes goes to his head however and Safry ends these journeys with a slew of bastard half god child and groupie concuebines, that generally die horrible deaths at the hands of prouder Gennie purging his half breeds or other offspring hoping to gain thier fathers favor. It is these trips to the moral plains that inspire great hatred in the other genie toward Safry. They often feel as though he disrespects thier law and code. None would dare challenge him directly however, as he is considered one of the more powerful Genie dieties.

Safry, Like all Genie, is forced to follow a few strict Laws set forth in ages long before her existance, though he does bend these rules quite a bit:
- When granted a favor, one must return a favor.
- One must always make good on thier bets and oaths.
- No stranger will be denied shelter when in need.


Safry appears in whatever form most pleases him at the time. Walking in human teritory, safry will appears a beautiful man with sea blue eyes and elegant clothing. Messing with orcs? Safry chooses a over the top looking body with Spiked armor and masterful weapons that are aweing to look at. No matter his form, Safry is always dress in a artisticly over the top fashion that is a mockery of the societyis is interacting with that draws attention to himself..

Followers of Safry

Genie worshipers differ from most relions in that thier “gods” are seen more as incredibly powerful immortals, rather then something something surrounded in mystism and wonder. Genie worshipers do not turn to thier dieties for Salvation after death, but rather for savalation during life. In many ways Worshipers of Genie form a symbiotic. They follow their Dieties orders and request, and in return said deity returns those favors in one fashion or another.
All Genie Worshipers follow the same basic code as thier dieties though unlike thier dieties they are not Obligated but often punished for breaking:

- When granted a favor, one must return a favor.
- One must always make good on thier bets and oaths.
- No stranger will be denied shelter when in need.

In addition, Safry followers:
- Never destroy Artwork
- Parody is the highest form of fattering, Parody those who take themselve to seriously
- One can not live without passion

Safry takes no donations from his follower and instead accepts only praise for his latest project. Aside from this Safry is known to take woman, in some case men as lovers in place of donations ultimately revealing his shameful acts to Fartune tacfully to insure any clinging flings are met by a band of selfrighteous Ifrits. When Safry does choose a champion it’s under the condition that champion either poses as Safry, giving him credit for any great artworks or deeds they do, or that they must act as though it was Safry taking over thier body when anything heroic or epic is done/created. In return for this loyalty they are granted access to Safrys domain after death, access to his collection of lovers (the ones he did not get killed) and a eternity of bliss. For his common followers, Safry offers protection vowing that these people may be fun to harrass but that he is the only one worthy of doing so.

Divine Aliies and Enemies

Khalia – Khalia and Safry have a love hate relationship. They are similar in thier love for the arts, vanity, and power. Even Khalia however feels that Safry’s dealings with morals in in bad taste and can not bring herself to stomache how he could reproduce with them. Couple this with him constantly attempting to seduce her through countless schemes and it’s easy to see why he has seen her bad side.
Update Session 18 The Order of The Dawn called in a favor to Safry that he owed them after ending the conflict with Maelriel, freeing him from the conflict. He may never never have sex with Khalia.

Fartun – Fartun is Safry’s biggest rival. He attempts to stop the Marid at every corner by is sadly outsmarted more times and ends up doing his dirty work. It is said that Fartun created the sun in the sky to shatters Safry’s stary portrait for most of the day. Other times Fartun sends both his follwers and loyal ifrits to crushing Safry’s children in a display of power, justifying these actions as a purge of the obinations…. All a part of Safry’s master plan

Manu – Safry finds Manu to be dull in the same regard Khalia does. In Safry’d mind he’s not even enjoyable to mess with as Manu with often turn the other cheek and continue with his mediations. Despite his over whelming calm, Safry is said to be one of the only people to ever get a rise out of Manu, A feat Safry prises himself on.


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