The angel Sabriel is a warrior angel depicted in heavy armor wielding an oversized sword. When not fully clad in ivory tones steel, most art shows the angel in military officer garb with her long blond hair tied in a tight bun. This look reflects the attitude of the angel as a no-nonsense soldier of the White above all else.

When looking into myths about Sabriel, it is important to note that unlike the other members of the celestial pantheon she does not expect her followers to worship her. She instead sees herself as the ultimate champion of the White. Thus her followers refer to themselves as “Members of the Faith of the White” Or “Followers of the White” rather than “Followers of Sabriel”. This makes Sabriel more of a saint than a goddess in her follower’s eyes and thus many followers of the white also worship other deities.

Sabriel is through and through a paladin. She is well known for her wrath and unwillingness to stray from the path of the White. With most of her myths being epic hymns about of her smiting wicked beasts and casting them back into the hellish pits of the abyss. Unlike other paladin’s however who are fallible, as a goddess Sabriel answers to no one. This gives her the flexibility to act as judge, jury, and executioner to those she deems wicked, whereas a mortal paladin would instead refer to local laws or his deity’s wisdom before acting as such.

Conflict with the Black

Sabriel has had a long standing hate/rivalry with her sister Barchiel this primarily comes from her hatred of the Barchiel’s willingness to move souls to the “Wicked”, even when rightful theirs. The only thing more important to followers of the White then being with the “Right”, is stopping the “Wicked”. This coupled with Taboos involving necromancy and body modifications have lead to a holy war that spanned the entire lifetime of the Mino-Cross Empire.

Enslaved by Burnman


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