Young knight by lubaris

Quin Metcalf is a 13 year boy who spent most of his time apprenticing as a barkeep for the Wirey Mast. He was always know as a quiet gentle boy, who was dedicated to his work. As the oldest of the Metcalf boys, Quin felt a special obligation to be a shining example of hardwork to his brothers. It was said that Quin was to inherit the Wirey Mast and that Valorie Wilson, the owner of the Mast, always saw Quinn as the son she’d never have.


Quinn is a skinny boy who can barely lift a blade. He stands about 5’5 and is still having rapid grow spirts. Quin was told by the gnome Aiden that all true knights wear thier hair short until they’ve proven themselves and as such wears his rusty brown hair as short as he could cut it on his own. These days it’s rare to see him in anything other then his chain shirt and Order of The Dawn tunic.

Order of the Dawn

Quinn had always spoke of his dream to be a Knight. After bumping into Natalia several times in the Wirey mast he was in love and developed a major crush on the eleven rouge. To Quinn’s delight Natalia was knighted and became a member of the order of the Dawn. Shortly after the Order begun open recruitment and Quinn jumped at the chance, giving up his inhertitance of the Wirey Mast. In his mind it was worth the sacrfice.

Training from Dogface and Lane

Once made an initiate, Quin was given special attention in his training by Dogface and then eventually by Sir Lane. Lane decided that Quin needed to be more religous and gave the boy a Stirring 3 hour lecture of god, the Heavens, and each of the angels. He closed by asking Quin to pray another hour and chose the Diety he most relates to. Quin chose Anachiel. With the Knights of the Dawn being so Busy as of late, Quinn’s training has been coming from Sir Rivercrest of Wrieth and from Lady Patricia, a paladin of the Red.

Becoming a Paragon

Update session 16
Like Most of the Order of the Dawn, Quinn was fooled by Platypus’s ruse. Despite what she said however Quin Did not beg. When Platypus attempt to destroy their order Quinn was knocked out. While unconscious, Anachiel spoke with Quinn in his dreams asking him if he was willing to sacrifice everything, including his love for Natalia for the greater calling. Quinn accepted and arrose like a Phoenix, bursting into flaming and defeating the False Paladin of the Red.

Undergoing this call of faith did mean that Quin was forced to to resign from the Order, to quest the country side carrying out Anachiel’s will.

The Onigolio

One of Quinns first given tasks as a Paragon of the Red was to bring faith to the tribes of the west. Quinn’s first stop was in the Oniglio city of Cera. Once at this location, Quinn met the Oniglio Juleus and became good friends when Quin defeated a hostile debtshark. Juleus swore his loyalty to Quin and has been traveling with him since.

The death of Juleus

Quin and Juleus fought side by side through 1000s of fights, uniting the Oniglio and brokering stronger and stronger alliances. Quinn and Juleus recieved the call to arms to defend the gnome lands from the Fallen angel and council member Baralith and fought there to saving hundreds of lives but were blindsided by a daemon in disguise. The creature froze the two in ice, leaving them for dead in his chasm and all seemed lost. Luckily the order of the Dawn tracked the two and defeated the daemon, Quinn’s paragon abilities had saved him, but Juleus was lost. It was on that day that Quinn understood the true burdens of being a paragon, and to this day still travels alone.

The Battle of the Green

Quinn was responsible for leading one of the larger armies of Soldiers into battle against Sofiel and her army of Elven Zealots. With Hies in hand he fought galiantly, holding the lines and allow the order of the Dawn to get the Sap from the tree of souls. Despite almost dieing, Quinn pulled through and left with the remaining soldiers back to the east.

The Ivory Hand

While adventuring north, Quinn ran across a lead on angelic artifacts and followed it back the the location of the Ivory Hand. From there, Quinn defeated all of thier champions and took the artifact, the clips of the white, but fell victim to thier curse. After giving the artifact to the Dawn, Quinn’s curse was lifted and he wonce again free to follow the wishes of the Red.


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