Order of The Dawn

The order of the Dawn is a group of knights that controls Bend Point and was entrusted by Lord Wrieth with sensitive missions like the Kobold crisis. While the Knights are not stationed in one specific town, Lordship over them falls on the ruler of Wrieth though in recent years this has changed and the knights are basicly self governed.

Income (Monthly Average)

  • River taxes: 50,000 gp
  • Market Taxes (Benndpoint): 20,000 gp
  • Market Stall Rentals (Bendpoint): 5,000 gp
  • Housing taxes (Bendpoint): 1,000 gp
  • Adventuring/Questing(O^D): 5,000 gp
  • Fines (Bendpoint): 200 gp
    81,200 gp

Debts (Monthly Average)

  • Lordship Tax(Wrieth): 10,000 gp
  • Kings Tax (Prime) : 30,000 gp
  • Upkeep (O^D) : 5,000 gp
  • Upkeep (Lab) : 500 gp
  • Upkeep (Bendpoint) : 1,000 gp
  • Upkeep (Bendpoint Marketplace): 1,000 gp
  • Upkeep (Refugees) : 500 gp
  • Payroll (O^D) : 9,000 gp
  • Donations (General) : 1,000 gp
  • Donations (Murkey Creek) : 200 gp
  • Donation (Prime Food) : 500 gp
  • Donation (Misc) : 1,000 gp
  • War Preperations : 5,000 gp
    59,700 gp

Monthly: 16,500 gp
Savings: 180,000 GP


  • Barricks – Able to house 50 soldiers in bunks
  • Ballistas – The Order was granted 2 by the followers of Khalia
  • Celestial Church – This is a sanctuary dedicate to each of the 9 Angels
  • Dungeon – The dungeon of the order is complete with 3 cells, and a fully stocked torture room.
    Cell 1: Ivory Hand Spy
    Cell 2: Empty
    Cell 3: Empty
  • Forge – The Order has a nice forge that is currently unmanned.
  • Hawk Tower – The Hawk tower currently holds 3 female Falcons and 1 Male.
  • Knight’s Hall – The Knight’s hall can house 10 Knights
  • Magic Wells – The order of the dawn has two wells inside thier keep, 1 is magically fed, the other is spring fed.
  • Mead Hall – The Order’s Meadhall is large and hosts the guild’s various awards that are magically sealed.
  • Mage’s Laboratory – This is where Alandra stays and works out of.
  • Statue of Khalia – This is a highly ornate solid gold statue (Valued 300,000 Gold) of Khalia. It was by followers of Khalia so that other pilgrims could stop to worship on their journeys. In exchange they gave the Order 2 ballistas.
  • Stables – The stables to the Order is capiable of housing 20 mounts.
    Mounts: Williepipe’s Ostrich, LightFoot’s Ostrich
  • War Room – This is a fully equipped tactics center, complete with miniatures.
  • Weather Control statue – A statue with the ability to change the weather conditions of the surrounding area.


Orb of the Firewell – This was earned after escorting Lord Firewell and his children safely back to Firewell

Metals of Valor – These were granted to each of the knights after the battle of Nezira for the defeat of the Kobld army and unifying of the Noble families.

Gnomish Star Metal – One of the Gnomes highest honors awarded to Order members after slaying the demonic army ravaging the gnome country side

Gorgan Head – The head gathered off of a Gorgan that was plagueing Firewell with a family of Naga.

Head of the Linnorm – A Massive dragon head of the Champion of Fartune. The Party killed the 400 year old dragon so that Fartune would lift if curse from the Kobold of Nezira.

Head of the Frost Linnormal – A Massive dragon head of a Frost linnorm that was a Guardian for The First Born Vampire

Large Glowing Ruby – This was a control key from the dungeon “The Reaping door”


Becoming Knights

The Found members of the Order of the Dawn were knighted by Lord Wrieth after the Battle of Jane’s Plantation. While the founding members were well worthy of such an honor, the speed inwhich Lord Wrieth knighted them was seen as a political power play, rather then a bestowing of honor. Regardless The Order of the Dawn have proven a valuable asset to him

Battle of Nezira

The Order of the Dawn both gathered an army consisting of nobles and allies, convinced them to work together, and lastly led the charge to defeat Glintooth the kobold leader. The battle saw a great many men lost but it prevented both the oncoming civil war and Kobold invasion.


After the Battle of Nezira was won, the Order of the Dawn returned to Bend Point to find that Lady Patricia had slain most of their order. It was reveal that she was not a paladin at all, but in fact Platypus, daughter of Burnman. Platypus proceeded to kill the rest of the order but ultimately met her fate at the hands of Quinn whom she had presumed was dead.

The Cryo-bomb

During the conflict with the liche Armol Liviwhich, he march an army to destroy the Order’s home. While this was happening the order found out the Liche’s plans, evacted the city and went to destroy him personally. The army was not without resistance though as the McTiers and their former squire Quinn.

Battle with Sofiel

After several talks with the angel of the Green, the Dawn was called to arms by the remainder of the celestial pantheon to due battle with Sofiel . The Order joined with an army consisting of the Onigolio, the Mctires, and even vampires. The party was also reunited with Quinn who lead the Onigolio into battle. After a harsh battle, the Dawn witness the angel Barchiel sacrifice herself to stop Sofiel. The party recovered the Soul sap and managed to escape, with Sofiel gone, they were able to get the last needed ingredients of the Elixer of Godless and revive the angel of the Gold and Gray.


Azel Remora – Knight of the Dawn
Alandra – Knight of the Dawn
Douglass – Knight of the Dawn
Lane Stills – Knight of the Dawn
Madison – Former leader of the Harvest Guard
Martin Williepipe – Gnome from the order of the shield. Left to Join the Order of the Dawn.
Sir MacArnold – Former leader of the Harvest Guard
Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane – Knight of the Dawn
William Lightfoot – Ostrich named Stanely, drinking problem, Gnomish cavalier.


Stewart – Half Orc Ranger ,Sheriff of Bendpoint
Lucky – Former Gladiator

In House Residents

Gums – Former NPS member, Now cook and Janitor
Elizebeth – The Order’s Herald
Veronica – The guild’s current guild mage
55 Crystal Dwarves
25 Gnomish Cavaliers
50 Refugees for the Mainland

Former Members

Aiden – Gnomish Inquisitor
Eggbert – Sir Thog’s Loyal Mount that met it’s fate at the hands of a Black Dragon/
Derick – Former Military Commander who left after getting tired of guard duty
Jacob Marley – Shady, Lazy Gambler
Playpus – Pretended to be a Paladin of the Red and former of the Brown. Burnman’s Daughter
Natalia – Knight of the Dawn
Quinn – 13 year old boy Wirey-mast
Zackary Adams – Former member of the harvest guard

Order of The Dawn

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