The O’neal’s are a Noble family living and running the town of O’neal. The Family itself are one of the lease “noble” of all in Mino-cross. This is primarily due to the fact that they just recently joined the ranks of high society, and even at that spend all thier time defending the north from Orc invasion. The O’neals are know for thier brash forward thinking and often Land themselves into trouble with the other Noble families, but like true Highhillers, they always fight thier way off.

Gaining of Nobility

Lord O’neal stared evil dead in the eyes and refused to give in. The O’neals gained Nobility at the tip of a blade, or a pike rather. Dueing the events of the Extinction, When King Lavion was slain, Slick and Burnman were argueing and Tonya Fireseed was cowering in a corner… Fred fought on. Knowing he could not win, Fred fought on epicly dodging the attacks of the Evil One and still striking out an managing to harm him. Lady O’neal is not to be counted out either. While her husband, Fred, engaged in melee combat, it was she who providing healing and encouraging song. Lastly it was Celes that fended off Sabriel after the Angel was enslaved to Burnman.

This coupled with Fred’s amazing history of perfect service to the crown is the reson he was not only made a noble, but why he was given the entire north to defend.

Fame, Fortune, Econamy

The O’neal’s are not a very wealthy family. While they do control the secound largest city in Mino-cross, Fred has never been one for numbers or business. Instead Fred is content with his beautiful wife and the gift they were granted that gave him a family. Fred’s thoguht is “I’ve got all I need, why kill for more”

Family Members


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