Oas is the third largest Continent in the world. While largely over looked for hundreds of years, it currently is the cradle that is holding Mankind and most sentient creatures.

After the Extinction all of the civilized world was guided to Oas by divine providence to escape damnation. While not all made it, many did to find themselves on a land mass not that different then their native country.



It was the Gnomes of Oas that made first contact with the new settlers. The Gnomes found a strong ally in Mino-Cross who quickly stepped in and shattered the Fang’s control on the mainland. Mino-Cross then claimed the area as their own, leaving the borders open for the Gnomes to come in and slowly return to their homelands. Despite this option, Many of the Gnomes had grow accustomed to thier swamp lifestyles and chose to remain an independant nation, doing trade in various forms with Mino-Cross.


The Elves of Oas have just begun coming out of the forests and into the human nation. While little is known about them, they appear to be much more savage, strong elves then those native to the old continent. Many ride dinosaurs long thought to be extinct, while others are powerful necromancers cloaked in shadows!


The Orcs of Oas are to the Elves as the Kobold are to the gnomes of the swamps. Though they are plentiful in numbers, all of the Orcs of Oas are Greyskinned. Not a single report of Greenskins has been made.

Other Races

Ciatore – A serpant like people known for their brilliant artworks
Crystal Dwarves – Race of Dwarves thought to have been killed off by the Gnomes
Feyborne – A fey like Gnome race that values Irom more then gold
Kobold – a Lizard like people that have been at war with the Gnomes for centuries
Oniglio – Bi-pedal Rabbits that live thier lives by chance and luck
Remains – An A sexual, Skeletonal Race that lives and reproduces by consuming the remains of carrion


Mino-Cross Conith