Residential City: 350-400
Vistor to city: 50-75 (Soldier)
Urban Population: 25-50 (Soldier Scout/Hunter)
Total Population: 425 – 525

Nezira is a Kobold city located between Wrieth and O’neal. Like most Kobold establishments, Nezira is located underground using an abandon Gnomish mine as it’s basic structual foundation. Unlike most Kobold Cities, Nezira is basicly all centered in one location with homes carved into various parts of the main room walls. Despite this, Nezira does still contain a Catacomb of exit tunnels, complete with dead ends, traps, and wondering monsters that have made thier way in.

Within it’s heart room, Nezira is very similar to most cities on the surfice world. There is a blacksmith (only able to craft basic tools), a “Carpenter”, and even weavers. Nezira’s citizens follow kobold law under the leadership of Ryltik. While Ryltik is a powerful and able leader, many describe his a tryranical and even pyscaotic at times. Despite his constant taking of Concubines, the people of Nezira were generally happy and well kept until recent years. Changes to the Kobold hunting grounds and human influences are cause mass starvations amoung the people.

Order of the Dawn

Nezira was attacked by the order of the dawn, unknowingly. While there, the party encountered quite a few oddities including the Goddess Khalia. After getting to the heart of the City Dogface slayed the kobold gatekeepers causing a massive arguement. Eventually the party was invited in by Ryltik to meet with the “Human embassador” Jason Firewell.

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Mino-Cross Conith