Morgan Willows

Morgan Willows is a Mathematical guienss with a real talent for engineering, on top of that he’s also one of the most powerful Casters on the continent…. Who hates magic. Morgan is often descibed as a Nerd with power, others question his sexuality for no given reason, Others outright hate him. This is many due to Morgan’s incredible Elitist nature. Morgan looks down on anyone without a formal education and in no way tries to hide this. Despite his aragant nature, Morgan can generally back up his talk and usally only talks to people like that are stupid because by comparison then are.

Morgan is always dressed in Grand Inquisitor’s Robes that are large enough to mask just how fragile and small his frame is. His face is a pastey white, covered scars from an excessive bullying as a youth.

Despite his Grumpy selfish nature, Morgan is a very Lawful Good charactor at heart.

Morgan Willows is a power Wizard with one goal in life, to destroy all Magic in the world. Morgan was born to Renee and Florence Willows, highly respected founding members of the Inquistors Guild. In youth, Morgan showed sighs of natural Arcane talent and quickly excelled in his classes. Morgan had a knack for electrical magic and soon began putting his talents to use building small mechanical toys and inventions, using his magic to power them. This kind of talent however brought him much negative attention from fellow classmates, Morgan still has scars on his forehead and browlines from being head down and hit with Acid Splash cantrips. Morgan took his beatings gracefully though, never wimpering never crying. Making a list in his mind of his tormentors

It wasn’t until Morgan was 11 that this all changed. Morgan’s parents were caught up in a scandal that rocked thier family and Morgan’s concept of Justice. 4 Days after his 11th birthday his Mother and Father were executed for High Treasure again the Inquisitors guild and the King of Mino-Cross. Morgan fought it at first refusing thier guilt, but looking at the facts… it was all true.

Out of Sympathy for the child, Morgan’s tutition was covered for the rest of his stay at the Inquistitors accademy. Morgan returned to his daily life, but the bullying continued worse then ever. It was at 14 that Morgan Sealed his first Mage. A Cocky boy named Davis Miller had been tormenting Morgan about his family with Illusion magic when he finally snapped, Dispelling not only the illusions but Davis magic entirely. From that point on Morgan focus secretly study the orgins of magic, finding exploits to dispell, Reflect, and destroy the mystic energy all the mean while gaining influence and ranks in the Inquisitor’s Guild. Morgan saw magic as a blight, a tool for the weak to appear powerful, a destructive force no one should pocess.

Penn Wright
Morgan has had a long time rivalry with the Anthopologist loremaster Penn. Penn foiled several of Morgan’s early attempts for power and is one of the only Magic users with the ability to cast through Morgans dispels, and even counter Morgan’s Counters. Nautrally Morgan hates this.

After the Death of King Lavion Morgan wasted no time making his move for Grandmaster of the Inquisitors Guild. Once in control Morgan manipulated the Inquisitors guild into power until running into conflict with the Order of The Dawn Through conflict Morgan aquired the Green stone of power and began using it to make another. However after it was revealed that the Ivory Hand was running the show, Morgan Assisted the Dawn in Attacking thier hide out before fleeing into obsecurity.

Angels Call
Like so many other powerful magic users, When the Order of the Dawn began to recruit magic users to take to the Final Battle, Morgan was given the call. He now lives in Bend Point waiting for the final fight.

Morgan Willows

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