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Mino-Cross is a country with a rich history of heros and doomsday profecies. These days the people of Mino-cross are primarily Humans that have a particular bias against not only religions but against the gods themselves. Most of Mino-Cross are under the age of 20 and those who are older tend to be just barely, or very very jaded. The Country runs on a merit system known as reputation. While this principle works, it has still not been widely instituted due to the trade with the Gnomes and elves.

Recent History

After the death of King Lavion the kingdom was thrown into a time of chaos. Members of the former Mage’s guild stood up, gaining the favor of the citizens of the Empire after a series of tragedies involing rouge mages. Not all were thrilled with these changes, and the city of O’neal rebeled against the mages. While it was a short fought war, two days, the High-Hillers made such an impression on the mage’s soldiers that they were spared. The newly formed Council Of Magic offered them independance as long as the citizens and leaders of O’neal continued to pay taxes to Mino-Cross and would serve Mino-Cross in time of war. Lord O’neal agreed to the terms, but refused to be crowned King O’neal.

Cities and Towns

Bend Point – A Fortress that was built by Wrieth and is now owned by the Order of the Dawn. A Small town has begin to grow around it.
EagleRock – A small village that was wiped out by Undead, rebuilt by the McTires
Fireseed – Fireseed a medium Human sized city that is a huge textile exporter.
Firewell – A small Human sized city that has orchards cover most the it’s lands and is known for it’s low crime rates.
HartVille – Hartville is the McE’s only true Port, This is primarily a military hot bed as the Gnomes to the south are McE’s only nationly contact.
Lavion – This is the Capitol of the country and it shows. The town is full of magic users, there is little poverty and overall have a sleek futuristic feel to it. When entering the massive city it makes most question if they’re even in the same country.
Wrieth – Wrieth is a midsized Human city that is covered in fresh plants and has a reknown swordsmen school


O’neal – O’neal is a large warrior cultured Human city know for it’s soldiers that fend off Orcish hordes on the daily.


Counsil Of Magic

McE Noble Families



Harvest guard
Inquisitor’s Guild
Ivory Hand
Needle Point Sages
Miliary Stucture
Order of The Dawn


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