Menith is an old man that lives south west of Beals . Menith is characterized by his overwhelming crabbiness. He is rough around the ends and unwilling to change which is a big turn off for most people. Despite this, Menith will generally come around when asked for help eventually, but not before complaining all along the way.

Menith has short white hairs and a medium length beard that covers his whole face. On his wrinkly nose rests a pair of square framed glasses that he only wears for reading, which he often does. Little is known about Menith’s true background as he refuses to talk about, but Menith is as least as old as the apocolyse, if not older.

Fandom facts

  • Menith loves to read and has a massive collection of books he’s collected over the years. Most of them are fictions.
  • Menith loves rare wines and while he will never turn down wine, he will criticize it at every chance he gets.
  • Menith may or may not be a Liche


Mino-Cross Conith