The McTiers are a noble family that was horribly cursed after attempting to achieve immortality through necromancy. The family was attempting to form themselves into lich like beings, these experiments however did not go to well and many of the once prominent family ended up going insane. The remaining members who had not fully ungone the process were allowed to retain their title under the condition that they would hunt down and destroy their other family members. Despite refusing to ever use necromancy again and successfully tracking down all of their family barring 3, the McTiers are still outkast from most noble functions.

Gaining of a title
The Mctiers gained their title after Matius McTier served the third emperor as inner circle Mage. The Emperor was so impressed by Matius’s skill in both the Arcane arts and Court that he granted the McTiers noblity and a rather generous plot of Land in Orelle.

Fame, Fortune, and Econamics
The McTiers made a large amount of money by the buy,harvesting,and selling of rare metals and gems. After the extinction event, the O’neals were insistant that the McTiers live in O’neal. This was because O’neal sat between two large mountains and was to be the barrier to the north. The McTiers were the logical choice as the Dwarves were all gone and O’neal was in need of skilled masons. The McTiers fit the bill nicely, and thier large personal guard force (Around 3000 trained men) definately has a bonus.

The McTiers like most undead-like creatures worship Barchiel in hopes of regaining thier souls. As such they are devote to her cause putting her will about their our lives.

Order of the Dawn
The McTiers have been a valued ally to the order of the Dawn seeing them as messangers of Barchiel. They gave the most soldiers during the Battle of Nezira and also did so without any resistance.
Recent conflicts however have caused great casulties to the McTiers such as the Battle of Bendpoint, in which the explosion of a cryobomb killed 2/3’s of their soldiers.


  • As a pentance for their sins, McTiers take no names and simply refer to themselves as McTiers


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