Marcos's Mansion

Marcos map
Marcos’s Mansion is a elaborate home build near the Giant Tribes on the Serpent’s Spine. The Mansion is almost inaccessible except through a small series of caverns that Marcos keeps very well monitored. The only other method to reach Marcos’s mansion is by air, however powerful storms generated at Marcos’s home prevent unwanted creatures from the skies. The location is also warded from both teleportation and dimensional shifts, both of which redirect their targets to one of Marcos’s prison cells.

As for the Mansion itself, it is loaded with a massive ballroom and laboratories of many differing school of magic. The insides of the home are decorated with various still living humanoid creatures whose bodies have been deformed and twisted to meet Marcos’s needs. Some have been formed into various furnishings, from chairs to chandlers, all still living and all still aware of the monsters they’ve been turned into.

Things of Note:

Clones of Slick and H Burnman

Marcos's Mansion

Mino-Cross Conith