Maelriel is an Angel within the celestial pantheon. Unlike his fellow Angelic dieties, Maelriel is a lesser god with limited power. It is said that this is because he gifted life with his creatation of Luck, thus removing large portions of his own power to do so. Also unlike many of the other Angels,Maelriel chose to have very little to do with the dogmatic people of Old Mino and was only worshipped by sailors and gamblers. Maelriel instead chose to spread his faith to those on the outter Isles like Japal and Oas.


Maelriel generally appears as a fishlike man with Wings that resemble fins. Other times Maelriel is in a more human form with short spiked hair that always look went and wings made of water that are constantly flowing. Unlike the other angels, Maelriel rarely wears clothing and is often nude, though seeing as angel have no reproductive organs it shocks few.

Conflict with Safry

During the Events of the Extinction Maelriel went back to Oas and began to gift the Oniglio with the gift of wisdom, helping thier culture to devolope and granting them a way to come to terms being prey. Safry who was posing as a Ciatore at the time did not like this. In his eyes Oniglio were already hard enough to catch without them attacking back and mark “lucky” shots. Safry confronted the Angel and the two did battle with Maelriel boasting about being able to kill Safry from in his stomach. The two remained useless until the Order of the Dawn freed Maelriel from Safry’s stomach.

Update session 28
It was decided the the Green Stone of Power must be recovered before the barrier was taken down by it. Unfortunately the only way that the party would be able to make it across the ocean was with Divine assistance and a god would be like a beacon signal. As such, Maelriel agree to give up his divinity so that he may act as a ferryman to those leaving the bubble.


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