Lord Wrieth

Lord Dean Wrieth is a slender, regal man that has aged incredibly well. At around age 45, the former BlueCoat is still in exceptional physical shape, and one would be hard pressed to determine his actual age without asking. Dean stands 5’10 and has short uniform cut brown hair that is a constant reminder of his days in the military. From the boots on his feet to the pristine condition of his finger nails, Dean always seems to have himself in order.

Lord Wrieth has always been known as a man of duty. A good friend of King Lavion‘s and a generally good leader, Dean was among the first of the “New Lords” to be named after Mino-Cross’s relocation. While his overly formal nature is a large turn off to many, that same attitude has kept Dean in good standing with High society, and is the reason Wrieth is host to many of the countries “noble events”. Unlike most other upper class, Dean is also not afraid to break from these formality when speaking of urgent matters after having quite a few rounds.

After many failed assassination attempts, Lord Wrieth was finally taken down by way of petrification. While the Firewell family were the initial suspects for the crime, it was later discovered that the O’neals were behind petrification. While unintentional, Lord Wrieth was raising tensions between the noble houses with his brash, forward actions toward discovering the truth behind the Kobold Crisis. The O’neals saw petrified as a solution, they could get to the bottom of the conspiracy before Dean’s death could spark a civil war.

Order of the Dawn

After witnessing the members of the soon to be order of the Dawn’s deeds, Lord Wrieth decided to knight them in a power play. By granting the group a position as knights in his lands, he knew he’d be able to send them on about without scrutiny of higher sellswords from his fellow nobles. Thus the Order of The Dawn was formed


Relation ships

Lady Wrieth – Dean’s Wife
Sir Wrieth = Dean’s Son

Lord Wrieth

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