Lord O'neal

Lord O’neal is a former soldier in the Mino-cross army and is now the current leader of O’neal. Fredrick O’neal began his life as an outcasted Highhiller living on the frozen northern Isles after a banishment of his family from thier High-Hiller clan. It wasn’t long before both of Fred’s parents passed on due to the harsh conditions, leaving Fred to fend for himself. The Young boy of 8, quickly learned to hunt and fish and would deal trades to passing ships, Gaining the name Fisher Fred. While Fred always wanted to leave with these merchant He and they both new that his emerald eyes gave him away as a highhiller and in Mino-cross, that was a death sentance. Eventually Fred Saved the life of the Imperial General Conith who took him to Mino-cross Prime.

In Mino-Cross Fred’s life was spared if he agreed to serve a life in the Military, here he became a Green Knight and Met a girl named Celes. Celes was Betrothed to a boy named Drake Flangard. Fred and Drake soon devoloped that caused Fred to Desert his military carreer. Fred adventured a bit but eventually turned himself and rejoined the miliarty to find Drake had left Celes, due to her infertility. Fred quickly married celes and was Happy.

Slick, Burnman, and the Extinction

The dou Slick and Burnman formed a Friendship with Fred, Growing close with both him and Celes. They traveled time and brought Fred news of the future and of the importance he played during the end of days. After the Dou changed the fates of time, Fred and Celes were selected to join a stealth strike team, sent to travel to the Destroyed capitol and stop the ultimate evil. Once there Burnman betrayed the heros while Slick attempted to talk him down. Fred alone stood fighting the evil he knew he could not defeat, aided by Celes’s song. Ultimately Celes forced Fred to run when Sabriel turned her attention on Celes.


Lord O’neal is know for being rough and very aggressive. After the events of the Extiniction, This man who once considered most his friend has become a bit jaded. Above all else though Fred is a Loyal husband to celes, father to his 13 children and friend to those he considers close. Fred is the kinda of guy to come off as the brute with a heart of gold.


Fred is a tall Broadshouldered man with a distinctive well defined jawline. Fred’s eyes like most Highhiller’s are emerald green, and with just a glance his ethnicity is clear. Dispite being muscular, Fred is relatively thin compared to most Highhillers. This trait is because of his diet and training while a Green Knight in the Mino-Cross Army. Fred always wears his auburn hair in a long thick braid that now reaches his calves.

Lord O'neal

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