Lord Firewall

Lord Firewell is the head of the Firewell noble family and is often described as being cold. Lord Firewell is first and foremost a man that believes in maintaining his families name and honor. He is considered by many to be one of the most powerful and Influential men on the contentient. Despite this Lord Firewell has always been known for keeping a low profile and always apearring complacent, only ever owning a small land mass and rarely striving for more power. That being said, many feel that Lord Firewell is always plotting, Hiding a bulk of secrets behind is somber look, and with good reason…. He is.


Lord Firewell is a older man with greying hair. He rarely dresses in a fashion that is uncomfortable and is iconicly known for wearing a comfortable robe, slippers, and a smoking a pipe while in his study.


Jason Firewell – Son, RIP
Jennette Firewell – Daughter, RIP
Lady Wrieth – Sister
Timothy Firewell – Son
Racheal Firewell – Daughter

Lord Firewall

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