Leo is a young inquisitor that hails from the town of Kiverly. Initially Leo grew up as a poor child who always looked up to the Inquisitors of Kiverly as heros. He would see them in parades or watch them catch criminals and became obsessed. As soon as possible, Leo joined their order in quest of his own “Truth”.

After a long training period Leo was finally granted the title of Inquisitor, just in time to watch his town destroyed and his order scattered to the winds. Since that day, Leo has quested to find the other inquisitors and to save what is left of his town.


Leo is incredibly Lawful neutral and this is reflected everywhere from his cloths, to his hair, to his personality. Leo has short military cut blonde hair and a smooth shaved baby face. Leo’s cloths are always clean and crisp when possible and he is always well groomed right down to shined boots. Leo is also the type spend hours “sharpening” and cleaning his crystal blade, despite it being magic and not needing either of these things.

Leo is constantly spending most of his time seeking “The Truth” and brings this up frequently. This refers both to finding literal truths from people, but it is also a metaphoric truth that Leo and the other Inquisitors seek. He will often speak at great lengths about the importance of find ones personal truths and as acknowledge that this quest is never ending and constantly changing. Despite it having nothing to do with Azel, Leo and the other inquisitors attribute this worship of the truth to Azel and so to them this is a very spiritual process.

Being new to the Order, Leo is not as hardened towards magic as his other inquisitor counter parts. This can also be seen when Leo let’s his guard down, he comes off. Leo will occasionally come off as fun loving and even light hearted, though this is generally followed up with a sternness once he comes to his senses.

Random facts

  • Leo carries around a very powerful crystal greatsword and wears this scale armor designed to look like it’s made of bark and leaves.
  • Leo is the most intimidating of all the inquisitors when he puts his mind to it, though he rarely does
  • Leo has had a massive crush on Seron since meeting her but finds himself ashamed to be attracted to an Angel worshiper/elf/plant eater and has kept it to himself. This however changed after Seron and her friends helped him to discover his truth. Since then Leo has made his feelings towards her much more clear.


Since meeting back up with Seron and Danica, Leo has agreed to travel with them and thier companions across the Mainland if they assist him in finding the other inquisitors and saving Kiverly. Since traveling together Leo has be a part of the slaying of many demons, and the rescuing of what is not Golden Rouge.

The Truth
After re-uniting with his fellow inquisitor Leo was on the right track to finding his truth and saving his hometown of Kiverly. Another member of his order was then located by Seron and Danica who had renounced his faith to Azel. After much discussion, Leo found himself torn and confused. It was at this point that Menith offered Leo a book detailing the exploits of the Order of the Dawn and the deeds of Azel while she was a mortal.

This news only further confused Leo who turned to Seron for help. He asked her and the rest of their group to come with him to one of Azel’s trials. From here he could find himself and lead his people. The group agreed and went with Leo to the Salt Mist where after a grueling combat he was able to commune with Azel. Coming to his only recollection of the event was that a great dragon war to end all wars was coming. It was at this point that with the council of Seron and Icette that Leo accepted his new fate and asked Bahamut for guidance. It was at this moment that Leo became a paladin of Bahamut.


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