Lady Patricia

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Lady Patricia, As she called herself, is known as Platypus, Daughter of Slick & Burnman. She used the disguise of a paladin to gain the trust of Lane Stills in an attempt to destroy the Order of The Dawn. While this coupe was a sucess, she was ultimate defeated by Quinn Metcalf whom she presumed was dead.

The Cover
Lady Patricia is a Paladin of Anachiel, though she is also a strong follower of the teachings of Kelmriel the angel of the Brown. Patricia is very forward and direct, priding herself on not holding anything back and being an open book. Patricia also has noted that she takes combat very seriously, she refuses to draw her weapons for pointless conflicts, and even when sparring will draw blood everytime. Patricia has made it clear since joining the Order of The Dawn that she has great interest in Quinn Squiring for her.


Patricia is a very athletic blonde with long well kept hair. Patricia is rarely seen outside of her platemail that is a deep brown color and appears to be dwarven forged, Despite this Patricia never wears a helmet. Patricia’s eyes are a deep ocean blue that are accented by a trail of freckles that cluster on her cheeks. Despite her overwhelming beauty, Patrica is as tough as they come.


Patricia is a hardass. In much the same same as most paladins, Patricia is dedicated to her principles and would sooner die then break them. Patricia is first and foremost forward, she does not believe in beating around the bush and instead prefers to just say whats on her mind or other peoples minds. Patricia also does not have a tolerence for the weak, stemming from her teaching in the Brown. From her perspective, once they picked up the blade, they excepted they would die by the blade and thus deserve no simpathy.


H. Burnman – Platypus’s Adopted Father.
Edwin “Slick” Gubulisk – Platypus’s Adopted Father.

Lady Patricia

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