The Kobold of Oas are much like the kobold from everywhere else. They are choatic, cheats, and everyone of them is power hungry.

The Current Kobold of Oas are broken in to several loose factions since the falling of the Fang. Fang was a massive empire of Kobold that were responsible for pushing Gnomes into the swamplands, 50 years ago. After the death of it’s warlord, Fang began to splinter. With the arrival of the Mino-Cross refugees, Fang was destroyed leaving several offshoots each claiming to be the legitimate hiers to Fang.

Dealing with the Dawn

The Order of the Dawn was originally created to deal with the Kobold threat, Lord Wrieth could not send mercenaries without raising noble suspensions, knights however are another matter entirely.

Since then the Knights have been a thorn in the kobolds side. It began when “would be Dawn members” saved the Old Fortress at Bend Point, Then stopped Mining operations at Mullen’s Hill, and crippled half thier army at Jane’s Plantation.
Lastly it was the Members of the Dawn who discovered that the Firewells were funding the Kobolds indirectly.


It was discovered the Jason Firewell was working with the Kobold without his father’s approval in an attempt to gain a powerful ally for his family. Ultimately these dealings led to his undoing however.

Update session 16

The Order of the Dawn led an army to siege the town of Nezira. While the army distracted the bulk of the forces, the Dawn rushed in and killed the Kobold’s leadership.

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