Jane as she is called by all the locals of Wrieth is the owner of a massive wheat plantion run by only her and her three “Daughters”. She is an enchantingly beautiful woman we eyes that most men fall instantly in love with.

While very quiet and secretive, Jane is always hospitalable and is refered to be many as the best hostess in all of New-Mino. This is in large part due to her seductive, playful nature and willingness to listen to any story with captive interested gazes.

Order of the Dawn

Before became the order of the Dawn, members of the knighthood stayed with Jane and her daughters. Amoungst them, Trog Bosbane caught the attentions of Jane and her three daughters. To this day the three still ask all travelers who pass by if they know of him, begging them to tell him to come back by.

Secrets and Fey

While a well kept secret, there is talk of strange happenings involing Jane and her daughters. The stories usally involve minor things such as the daughter flying throughout the fields or of Jane speaking with her Wheat crops.

Others outright claim to have witnessed Tendrils coming from Jane’s face in storms, or claim she is a powerful Dryad. Though none of these rumors have been comfirmed, most take them are ignored or blown off.


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