Icet is a quiet fortune teller from the High hills with auburn hair and a distinctly round nose. While one of the last clans in the Highhills, her clan was eventually captured/destroyed by raiding Orcs. Icet was 13 when this happen and spent most of her life as a slave, being sold from tribe to tribe until finally Icet began reading fortunes. At first her skill was purely lies, telling her captives what they wanted to hear. That all changed after Icet was sold to an Orcish Shaman. The Shaman recongize a gift of sight within her and for a time helped her to practice her gift. He however was slain in a raid on the tribe by marauding Ogres.

From there Icet was sold at Auction within the town of Golden Rouge, while under the control of Warwick seeing as highhillers were rarities as was, not to mention fortune telling high hillers, Seron and Danica quickly bought her and freed her. Finally free, Icet found that she had no home to go back to, no family, and no friends. She instead chose to travel with the party to wherever the road takes them.

Upon arriving at the location, it was clear that the spot was an Angel church. After battling countless undead, Icette finally came to her father’s grave and read his fortune. She saw family, betrayal, power and assumed what she had always thought to be true. Spitting on the grave Icette left the grave cursing her father. However she felt that the undead should be purged and with the rest of the party continued through the dungeon.

Eventually, the party located a demon that revealed herself to be the one that manipulated her father into building the church and betraying her family. Ultimately Icette walked to the gravesite and once again prayed before her father’s grave before breaking down into tears.

After returning to the airship Icette once again read her own fortune before returning to the party with her new class. Witch.

Her father’s grave

After speaking with the party about Leo becoming a Paladin of Bahamut, she asked Seron to do something special for her. Icett requested that the party takes her up north to the High Hills to visit her father’s grave. The group agreed to take her next time they are free.

Upon arriving in the group found a church of the Faith of the White. Icette explained that her father betrayed her people for a “False” god and wanted it destroyed before spitting not his grave. After exploring the haunted church, the group found that a Demon had actually been running the church and was the reason for Icette’s father’s betrayal. After killing the demon, Icette took time reflect on the fact that it was not her father’s fault she’d been sold into slavery and her clan destroyed. Ultimately when she emerged, Icette had embraced her curse and chose to become and Ice Witch!

Random Facts

  • Icet a Tarot card reader and Fortune Teller.
  • Icet is fascinated by magic and arcana.
  • Icet’s gift comes from the entire Dragon pantheon, both the good and bad.
  • Icet is cold to the touch


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