High Captain Mars

Willard Mars was born just 8 years before the Extinction and has been fighting ever since. As a young child, Willard watched as devils killed everyone and everything he’d ever cared for. With much thought the young boy grabbed a dagger from one of the near by dead rushing the foul creatures and can’t remeber much after that. When Willard awoke, he found himself aboard a large board sailing for Oas.

A soon as Williard was old enough to enlist the he did, squiring under Sir Therge and learning the finer arts of heavy armor combat. In no time at all Willard gained his officer status and then soared through its ranks.

This days Willard, Aka High Captain Mars, is a member of King Lavion’s Personal guard as well is one of the Kings most trusted Knights.


High Captain Mars is a well groomed, large man. He stands around 6"1’ and wieghs 215-220 lb. He is a muscular man, with dark hark that is clean cut and blue eyes. High Captain Mars is reknown for his serious look.

High Captain Mars

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