Gums is a man of many words, most of which are not understandable. Gums is a human male that stands 5’11 and at 65 has silvered hair and almost always is covered in stubble.

Born Godfrey Milomac gums grew up on the harsh streets of Prime in Old Mino. A natrally smart man, gums quickly began making a very comfortable live but and selling narcotics, primarily Black Serum. Gums played things smart when dealing, never dipping into his owe supply and remained clean for much of his career, however that soon changed.

After a bad drug deal gums was taken hostage by a former contact and tortured. As punishment for stiff him out of 5000 gold worth of sugarline, The tip of gums tongue and two of his finger tips were removed. Gums was then left to bleed out in the gang’s warehouse, but through a stoke of luck Gums escaped and made his way to Floresdale. While on his trip, his wounds quickly became injected and Gums began relying on his Black serum as a painkiller.

The next few years of Gum’s life were a blur that spun out of control wildly with him barely escaping Floresdale during the Extinction. Gums continued uses and dealing in the Oas for years before finely meeting up with Lester Katz of the Needle Point Sages. Gums was burnt out and decided to never use or deal again… but he had no problem in sharing his wisdom with those willing to listen.

Order of the Dawn

After the Order of the Dawn busted the Black Serum House, Gums saw the group as a power set of people he knew could keep him safe. So he followed them home to Bend Point and demonstrated his talents of both cooking and cleaning. While never officially hired, Gums works at the Order’s fortress as the main chef/janitor and has become well known amongst the locals.


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