About Gronn

Gronn is a not so bright ogre that was called upon by Sabriel to recover the Everblade. While Gronn’s intentions are noble, it is clear that he is taking his quest by choice but rather because of Sabriel’s constant harassment. Gronn in many ways is like a large child having the same mental capacity of a 8 year old human or so. This often leads Gronn to acting on his impulses, occasionally trowing tantrums, and often not understanding people’s true motives.

Gronn is soft hearted. This is often to his detriment as Gronn has spoken multiple times about being thrown out of his homeland by the other giants, after having dreams of “The winged lady”, despite Gron being much much stronger than most other giants. Gronn is also very quick to trust, believe that most “Tiny people” are good natured.

Random Facts

  • Gronn is a skilled carpenter
  • Gronn rode around on a celestial direbear that he has named “Bearington”. After trading with Seron, Gronn received his new mount, an Elephant he named “Elephante”.
  • Gronn met with Amos, Seron, Danica, and Aenon.


After Traveling for a short time with Seron, Amis, Danica, and Aenon, Gronn found himself within the town of Beals helping to both defend it and repair it. It was here that Gronn found his love for Carpentry, particularly for roof building. Since arrive, Sabriel has pulled her quest to find the Everblade from him. Her last message to him was instead a warning involving the wrath of Azeal and the people of Beals/Kiverly.


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