Gods, Deities, And Powerful beings

When discussing Gods, Deities, Avatars, Champions, and Immortals its first important that we understand the distinction given to them by the people of Mino-Cross. While this is not common knowledge, most religious scholars would generally agree on the terms.


A God is an immortal being that can not be destroyed, die, or be eliminated. Gods vary in strength based on upon their number of followers. No God may directly interact with the mortal plane. They are limited to occasional miracles and apparitions to their devout.

Gods will sometimes create Avatars to gain followers and spread their gospel but the process is so dangerous to the god that it is rarely, if ever done. Most Gods instead chose to call upon a Champion to do this work. These Champions are given microscopic amounts of power from the God that awakes the divine abilities within their Champion’s soul. Gods are able to view actions taking place on the mortal plane, planes of existence created by Deities, and all planes below their own.


Jinn Pantheon


Sealed Gods

As mentioned before, Gods can not die, be destroyed, or otherwise eliminated, they can however become sealed. Sealed Gods are the result of a God being tricked by a more powerful God or not having enough souls/followers to sustain form. When this occurs, the God becomes trapped sometimes taking the form of a mundane object (such as their holy symbol) until they are able to free themselves. Other times this imprisonment is physical, with the God being sealed is pure darkness. Gods sealed this way are unable to interact with anything other than themselves and are forced to wait until freed.


The last thing that can happen to a God is for them to be consumed by another God. This is a rarity, however, because when a God consumes another, they are never the same. This creates a new god entirely with the new being’s personality, power, and knowledge coming from the most dominate of the two Gods. The new God may still see himself as the same being from before, as both beings, or even as an entirely new god all together. Other times, this process is catastrophic and the new God explodes releasing several new Gods that can be more powerful the original two.


Gods reproduce in several ways: explosion, ascension, sexually, joint Avatar creation, or Avatar reproduction.

Explosion Method

As mentioned before, when a God consumes another God there is a chance of an explosion may occur. This may generate new Gods from the remains of the two. The explosion method can be done intentionally but the risk is considered high as the original Gods are now scrambled and there is no guarantee that new Gods will be “birthed”. Even when new Gods are “birthed” there is not telling how powerful they will be or what they will even appear as. This is considered the most chaotic form of God reproduction.


Ascension is the process in which a creature from the lesser planes is turned into a God. This can only be done if enough divine power is given to the creature by way of other Gods transferring power to them.


An Avatar is the embodiment of a god on another plane. As Gods are restricted to the divine planes, Avatars are the closest a God can ever get to truly interacting on lesser planes. Generally, Avatars are formed through incredibly powerful magics, guided by followers of the God. To form an Avatar, the God will choose a host and then infuse the host with parts of the God’s knowledge, personality, and power. In most cases the host is incredibly young, often still in the womb. This is to stop the host’s personality from melding with the God’s. The God is then reborn an Avatar, acting in the God’s will. Avatar creation is a taxing ritual for the God however, with most hosts needing to be similar in race, gender, or features to the God. The closer to the God the child is, the more likely that the Avatar creation will go smoothly. While the Avatar exists on the mortal plane, the God that created him is greatly weakened.Many Gods only apply a portion of their power, knowledge, or personality to the Avatar in an attempt to lessen this strain. On top of this, Avatars are commonly sabotaged by other Gods and Deities, envious of the new creature. When too little of the God’s personality or knowledge is applied, they take on a new persona and are regarded as an entirely new being.

Joint Avatar Creation

This is when two Gods create an Avatar together from features of them both. The resulting Avatar created is a fusion of the two Gods and if created correctly the Avatar sees itself as a child of the Gods rather then a fusion of the two.

Avatar Reproduction

Avatar reproduction is when the God’s Avatar chooses to mate with a moral or even another Avatar. This is the most common form of God reproduction. The offspring is gifted with powers beyond that of a human. These children aspire for greatness and try ascend to become Deities.

Sexual Reproduction

This is when a God assuming a male role mates with a God assuming a female role. At this point the God assuming the female role may choose to birth a new god, but doing so greatly weakens her. This weakened form can last for a short time or a millennium. Due to the amount of power used to create a new god this way, coupled with the egos of Gods, sexual reproduction is one of the least common forms of reproduction.


A Deity is a very powerful being that can exist on both the mortal plane and on the lesser divine planes. While Deities are often referred to as Gods by themselves and their followers, it is only out of ignorance or denial. There are several differences in the two. Deities can die, be removed from existence, or having their soul moved to a God’s horde. Deities can have a soul. This is because deities are commonly mortals that have ascended and thus never released their soul.

Deities primarily reproduce through sexual means. A Deity can not become more powerful from souls or followers. Despite this, many attempt to and collect and horde them. Deities power never fluctuates. If they are on their own plane they are just as powerful as they are on the mortal plane. Deities do not form Avatars. There is no point. Instead, Deities rely on Champions to spread their Gospel and thus call out to more Champions then Gods


Champions are mortals that hear the calling of a God/Deity and answer it. Champion rules vary based off the God/Deity that calls out to them. Generally upon hearing the calling, the God/Deity awakens the divine powers within the creatures souls and they become empowered.


Souls are bits of the “True God” that were given to mortals when life began. All new life must have a soul or be powered by Souls. Without this it can not grow and mature. A Soul can not be stolen, but a Soul can be given. This is the relationship between mortals and Gods. The Gods gains more power through more Souls, and the mortals gain protection/blessings/answers to life by vowing their soul to the God/Deity often times after death.


The Immortals/Undying are like Gods in that they can not be destroyed, die, or be eliminated. Like Gods, they can be sealed. Unlike gods they can not reproduce through magical means or be consumed. They can sometimes have souls, and have the ability to walk the mortal plane. Most do not have powers equal to that of even Deities but still claim to be Gods. Immortals/Undying do not gain power from Souls though many have the power to trap them, move them, and in some cases give them away but never against the will of the Soul’s true owner. Immortals/Undying have very specific ways of being sealed once on the mortal plane. (i.e Removing wings, fought in solo combat, bathed in silver, Eaten, etc.)

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Gods, Deities, And Powerful beings

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