Ferromosis, The iron bone. Known to many as “the slayer” is an Undieing that is known for his hatred of magic and the innocent. Ferromosis is also unlike most of the other undieing in that he may defeated through conventional means. All that is required to kill such a beast is to engage him in solo combat and defeat him. This has never been done. Those who manage to land a strike on ferromosis however are graced by him as he sews a piece of thier flesh into his mantel “The Sea of Souls” as a trophy.


Ferromosis is a 7 foot tall humanoid skeleton with Dark Emerald bones. He apears in several variations though the only changes are the number of arms the beast possesses with it ranging from 2 arms to 6. The Slayer, as he’s called, perfers to fight using obsidian Scitiars, althoguh he has been seen wielding daggers and even axes. The Slayers skull is often seen glowing from behind his eye sockets, though this is only when he is wearing or near the sea of souls.

Fighting Style

Iron Bone fights straight forward, attacking without hesitation and aiming to kill. He does not taunt, he does not mock, and he does not stop to savor the combat. Ferromosis fights to kill. Unlike all of the other undieing, ferromosis does not like using lackeys and prefers to kill with his own hands.


The only recorded history of Ferromosis of recent is his encounters with Lord O’neal. Lord O’neal saught to destroy the cult that follows the Iron Bone only to be met with disappointment. After nearly dieing, Lord Wrieth, King Lavion, Lady O’neal, Frank Thunderhammer, Lunus, Sarloth and him manage to defeat Ferromosis by simply taking him appart so that he may not sommoned or destroy anything else. Each of them took a different part.


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