Fabian Stonewalker

Fabian is a gnomish inventor renown for his talents in enchanting and lose morals. To many Fabian comes off as crazy and even slightly evil though from the excentric inventors perspective he is good aligned. This Misconception is generally caused by his disregard for life other then gnomish. Fabian views these other races as nothing more then very intelligent animals to be used when needed or even kept as pets.

Fabian what lived in Mino-Cross since the reign of the Kobold order the Fang. Fabian acted as a powerful ally to gnomish armies seeking aid and shelter during the Kobold conflict. After the war was over and the Gnomes were defeated, Fabian stayed behind, locked away in his tower.

During the second war, Fabian remained nuetral as he saw the incoming Human refugees as just another set of invaders. As such Fabian spent his days and nights working, first creating a small army of golems. While initially the constructs were created out of fear of the war, Fabian quickly grew obsessed with anatomy and found a knack in their construction go so far as to name and dress each of his creations. After forming a small army of constructs, Fabian began stock piling magic. Night after,night he toiled away always ready for when the humans were to come.

After several encounter with the Order of The Dawn, Fabian’s Tower was destroyed by the paladin Quinn Metcalf. Homeless and alone, Fabian traveled south to Bend Point where he purchased land near the town. These days the gnome has gone back to stock piling rare ingredients, Magic items, and golems.

-Fabian is the Enchanter of the blade Nova

Fabian Stonewalker

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