Crystal Dwarves

Crystal Dwarf
Language: Dwarven
Size: Medium( 200-250 LB) 4ft- 4.5ft
Special: Dark vision, Crafting
Disadvantage: Int
Favored Class: Smith

The Crystal Dwarves are a sub race of the more common Mountain Dwarf. They orginate from the mid-lands of Oas where the vast majority of thier race was wiped out by the Gnomes. The Crystal dwarves look like short stout humans with transluent skin that has a white glow to it. Looking at a nude crystal dwarf one can clearly make out most of thier innerworkings such as organs, skin and even viens in a similar way to many geekos. In addition, Crystal dwarves hair is a hard, rough white that can easil cut deep enough to draw blood.

The Crystal Dwarves are best known for thier remarkable ability to stay focused on seemly tideous task with no trouble. This makes them Ideal for heavy labor and crafting. This however also makes communicating with a business Crystal Dwarf nearly impossible and because of this they often seem to be a bit “slow”.


Crystal dwarves are followers of the Norse Pantheon are are often creditted with the crafting of Thor’s hammer.

Racial traits

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Crystal Dwarves

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