Language: Elven
Size: Medium( 80-120 LB) 5ft- 5.5ft
Special: Constriction and escape artist.
Disadvantage: Appearance
Favored Class: Rogue

The ciatore are an artistic race of Snake people that prey on the Oniglio. The Ciatore are a race that is reknown for thier grace and beauty. They are a culture that values get works of art and culture. All ciatore view themselves as artist of one kind or another, whether it’s through tradional forms such as paintings and sculpture, or in a less tradional form. Ciatore are the alpha predator in their region relying on their inate stealth and camoflague to capture thier prey with little resistance. The Ciatore have no moral issue with the consuming of an intelligent race either. Thier culture views it as a part of nature, many even know of the local of Oniglio villages, though they know better then to consume one’s entire food supply.


The Ciatore “worship” the genie god, Safry. In particular they idolism his amazing talents and frequent give thanks to him for thier own talents. This belief in Safry was only farther when the god came to them, in the form of a large sea serpant. Safry remained amoung the Ciatore until his confrontation with Maelriel. Since that day the two have no been seen by the Ciatore.

Racial traits

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