Chloe, Or was it Queen Paige…. I hope not Janet. Wait I thought she said her name was Pheobe? Why is she acting like a 8 year old and calling herself Danielle?

“Chloe” as the Order knows her is a arcane spell caster with multiple personality disorder. All of her personalites apear to be able to cast, although not all of them could before manifesting themselves according to them.

Update session 13

Alanda discovered that “Chloe” did not have multiple personalities but was instead pocessed by at least 10,000 different souls, Most of which orginate from the Floural Plains before the Extinction.

Update session 16

Alandra made the descision to seal all of the various souls within Chloe and break the main locks that were holding Chloe’s true soul down. This was done through the help of the Mctires. Worring what Lady Patricia may do, Alandra hid Chloe with the Mctires before leaving for the battle of Nezira.

Order of the Dawn

The Order of has allowed Chloe to stay, though not all are to keen on these rapid changes. Even the extent inn which her changes occur is still unknown to them.

Personalities Encountered

Personality #1 Chloe
Chloe is a very quiet woman who has a hard time saying no. As is considered to always have charm cast on herself, by anyone she speaks with.

Personality #2 Janet
Janet is a bitch. In this form She appears with long Blackened hair that is always pulled back. She couples this look with tight dark cloths and thick dark makeup. While incredibly seductive in this form, Janets goals seem to be to fuck with everyones heads. She teases and flirts acting like she owns wherever she currently is at.

Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane spoke with Janet about these personalities and it cause her to run away and return an hour later in a much different form.

Personality #3 Queen Paige
Queen Paige is a quiet proper woman who is seen in long elegant dresses, wearing her blonde hair down with a tiara on top. Not much is known about her other then she does not like to work and drinks tea every 4 hours on the hour.

Personality #4 Sally
Sally wears her hair down in pigtails and is normally scared and sad. Sally speaks about her father leaving to go fishing and always begins crying when explaining that her Daddy has not come back yet.

Personality # 6 Betty-Sue
Betty-Sue is an elderly personality that talks about drinking tea with a pretty Japalean girl named Maiko. She also talks about being a little girl in the Floral plains and how everything was so pretty. She is often seen sitting around and sipping green tea.

Personalty # 7 Maiko
Maiko is a Japalean oragamy crafter from Floresdale. Unlike other personalties, Maiko knows of Betty-Sue and speaks good things about her. She talks about her shop in Floresdale often.

Personalty # 8 Danielle
Danielle is a young girl who bonded closely with the Order of The Dawn’s guild mage, Alanda.
Update Session 15 Danielle was one of 15 souls removed from “Chloe” via exorcism by Lady Patricia


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