Celestial Pantheon

The Celestial Pantheon consists of several very powerful angelic beings that act as Gods and Goddesses. They were the primarily worshiped by the mainland of Mino-Cross but some such as Maelriel went well beyond that of the mainland. It was very common for followers of one angel to worship them all. Until the events of the Extinction , there were 9 original know Angels.

Falling of the Angels

During the extinction, Viles convinced the majority of the Celestial Pantheon to appear before morals and ultimately cause the deaths of millions and the destruction of much of the known world. Despite this the Angel Suriel and Raziel stood against the Demon ultimately losing their lives and becoming sealed. Eventually both Sabriel and Barchiel also stood against him but it was too late.

This whole process left the the world in ruin. Suriel, Raziel, Kelmriel, and Sofiel were sealed, and Sabriel enslaved. Despite the overwhelming evidence of this event, most dismiss it and still refer to the Angels as the “old gods”, or worship them in secret.

Presence Angels

Suriel – The Good. Overseer of the Angels and the realms of Man.
Raziel – The Protector. Guardian to the Gold.
Sabriel – The Enforcer. Sabriel is upholder of law, justice, and moral enemy to Barachiel.
Barchiel – The Reaper. Mover of souls to their respective deities.
Cassiel – The New. Cassiel is the Daughter of Barchiel and Sofiel.

Elemental Angels

Anachiel – The Devote. This Angel task with the rotations of sun and stars, and a believer in sacrifice and hard work.
Maelriel – The Gambler. This angel brought with him Luck and the gift of extreme chance.
Kelmriel – The Warrior. This angel brought with him honor, the concept of military strategy, and was charged with maintaining the earth and all subterranean life.
Ambriel – The Renewer. Known for refreshing the world, bring the weather, and keeping magic in check.
Sofiel The Mother. This angel is known for her kindness and keeping the life-cycle flowing.

Celestial Pantheon

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