Callum O'neal

Callum O’neal is a noble member of the clan O’neal. While technically a noble by birth, Callum is incredibly low on the line of succession. As the 3rd grandson to Sean O’neal Callum shows almost no family resemblance to the O’neal clan. His eyes even blue and his hair is a golden blonde, taking after his mother’s side. That said, his name alone has made Callum quite comfortable in life.

Callum is first and foremost a businessman, with a mansion on the outskirts of the city who’s name he bears. He made his fortune importing spices from the fire isles and selling them to the folks of O’neal. Callum never married and has no family to speak of, instead, Callum has dedicated his life to the collection and protection of valuable artifacts from famous heroes.

Random facts

  • Callum is missing two fingers on his left hand, a result of a deal going wrong in his early days
  • Callum has had many women attempt to lock him down throughout his life, though they always seem to just fall apart.
  • Callum fancies himself a historian, though his collection of trinkets is little more than a hobby
    *Callum will not eat eggs, he finds them revolting

Jodok – Callum’s personal bodyguard
Alan Stone – Callum’s Butler

Callum O'neal

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