Black Serum

Black Serum, sometimes refer’d to as Sage’s Vision, or Stick, is a powerful body numbing drug that is said to cause the user to have vision’s of the future. The drug is usually shot up, although it can also be ingested for a lesser effect. Black serum is outlawed in most civilized nations and comes with a lifetime sentance for manufacturing in Mino-Cross due to itself deadly and additive nature.


Followers of The Faith of the Black commonly take Black serum in an attempt to commune with Barchiel herself. They do this in a process called “bubbling” in which they take large amounts of Black Serum and then sit in small enclosed spaces, deprived of all senses except for few dots of glowing light. The Drug gets it’s name from it’s popularity with followers of the black despite coming in a wide range of colors.


black serum is made in a lab by refining the liquids inside of Pixie needles and then allowing it to crystallize. From here the new rock is givena healthy dose of chemical treatments to cut and purify the substance more. At this point the substance is known as Banshee, a powerful and deadly poison that would kill just about anyone dumb enough to snort or consume it. From here banshee is treated with high end healing potions and is then completed and renamed Black Serum.

Black Serum

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