Bend Point

Residential City: 200
Vistors to City: 10-150
Rural Population: 5-10
Total Population: 215-360

Bend point is a meeting location of two rivers forming in the Whiteriver and controlled by the Wrieths. It is at Bend piont that Ships coming from O’neal and Fireseed are Tax’d. As such it’s a very important landmark to the Empire and heavily guarded. Due to the importance of The Whiteriver to the Gnomes of the South, it’s not uncommon for Loaner Troops to be stationed at Bend Point’s Fortress. Generally these Loaner troops are Gnomish Cavaliers from the Order of the Shield.

After the Battle of Nezira, there was a large mass of cleared land near the Order of The Dawn’s fortress. They agreed to allow a merchant set up shop and since the town of Bend Point has been growing. After the horrors of the undead army’s bomb, Bendpoint has become permanentlyicy. With colder then normal premature as though it were a northern mountain city, snow and slick icy sleet have become common place.

Fabian’s Lake
As of session 49, The Gnomish enchanter Fabian Stonewalker left if residenance in bendpoint leaving a massive crater in the ground that was filled with water for the White River. The locations is now a massive lake.

Law Enforcement

The law in Bendpoint is upheld by the order of Dawn. Crimes are sentenced by The Ram, with Steward acting as the towns Sheriff. Criminals are held within the Order’s dungeon, though sentances are generally garious being that or community service towards the towns general work projects.

Due to a Rise in Crime, Bendpoint is now equipment with a slap in the center of town that hosts a execution block, two poles to chain a criminals to, two sets of Stockades.


Crimson Cask – A newly opened tavern specializing in exotic wines
Thickett’s General Store – A General store that supplies most of the rural farmers with seed and tools.
White River Stop – The docks of Bendpoint responsible for the taxation of the White River.

The Kobold Raid

It was at Bend Point that the first battle of the Kobold conflict began. Attacking without any warning or Provocation the Kobold killed all of the soldiers at Fort Bend except one. Trog Bosebane stood alone in the survivors making it through the fight with the help of a few strangers riding the White River. These Strange along with trog would later band together to form the Order of The Dawn

The Order Of the Dawn Guild House

After being granted Knighthood for their Heroic deeds against the Kobold. The Order of the Dawn was as given a large plot of land at Bend Point. This came with the conditions of the order maintaining Tax regulations on the river and allowing Gnomish Loaner troops to be stationed in their guild house.

Unlike Fort Bend, The Order of the Dawn’s Guild house is so massive that it is easily the largest non City Fort in the Empire. The Fort itself has high stone walls, 2 gate Houses, and minor magic defenses. The Fortress was designed to be held by a only a few Men. Currently the fortress seats around 60 soldiers.

Refugees of murky creek

As part of the Order of the Dawn’s assistance in Murky Creek, the order brought back 50 refugee’s to bend point who have been integrated into the general population.

The Undead of Armol

Bendpoint was evacuated by the Order of the Dawn after the warning of the undead. While they themselves did not take place in the battle that followed, the boy Quinn
and the armies of the McTiers defended the town to the last man. Unfortunately the Undead had a massive weapon with them that froze both the town, and their enemies, spare Quinn and his companion who were saved by the Paragon’s Flame Aura. Since then, commerce has once again returned.

Important Individuals


Whitepiers – Newly taken residents in the town hoping to break free of Tonya Fireseed’s rule.

Bend Point

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