Clash of angels by angryangryasian

Barchiel is also known as the angel of the black. She is a Major diety who was primarily worshiped by the county of Osmere before the extinction.
As a diety, Barchiel was known as the keeper souls. This was because her primary job was to moves souls from the bodies of the fallen to thier respective gods. It is because of this ability to move that many sentient undead worship her. They believe that if one were to follow the ideals of the black perfectly, that she will recover thier lost souls and bring them back to the undead, so they may be at peace. Barchiel is bound by her duties however and as such has never been known to return a soul once delivered to it’s resting place.

As an individual Barchiel is said to be one of the kindest Angels, despite the stigmas against her. Though great sarrow follows her, the angel of the black is known for bring hope when all looks lost.

“Death is just the Beginning”

Conflict With the White

It has been long known that Barchiel and Sabriel are at a constant conflict. This rivalry is so deep seeded that it has bled into thier religions and to thier followers. So much so that within Mino-cross, A country that followed the White primarily, Followers of the Black were executed on site. It is in this conflict that the two are refer’d to as sisters, always jealous of the other, and always fighting.

The Extinction

While it is not confirmed. It is believed that during the extinction event, Barchiel’s role was to manufacture the Zombie plague that was responsible for most of the lose of life. In addition, Barchiel was known to be a hand guardian to Viles after the fall of Prime.

After seeing the horrors of the Evil one, Barchiel along with her sister Sabriel changed sides to fight him but were quickly overpowered. In a final act of desperation, Barchiel pulled King Lavion’s soul from the slipsteam and vanished to leave Sabriel fallen and enslaved.

Barchiel’s choosen

After the events of the extinction, Barchiel has formed a veil over the remaining human settlements and has been upkeeping this bubble using her own essence. In an act of desperation, the Angel called out begging any capiable to come to her aid. It was this that caused the Order of The Dawn to form and seek her out. Since then she has asked that they awake the remaining angels and stop the oncomming threats to mankind.

Battle the Great Tree

At the time of this battle, Barchiel was little more then a withered corpse, weakened for holding up the bubble over Oas. However Barchiel was still strong enoguh to make the ultimate sacrifice using the last of her existance to collide with the Angel Sofiel and destroy the both of them. But from thier corspe a new angel has arrisen, is Barchiel dead?


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